A downloadable game for Windows

Current state of the game,

This is a scrolling game of sorts where snowballs fall from above and as you the snowman must dodge them, take cover, moving from barrier to barrier whiles collecting carrots. If you do get hit by a snowball your size increases and you slow down there for limiting your movement. However if you pick up sun tokens, they will melt away the snow, making you smaller and speeding your movement up. Picking up sun and carrot tokens will add to your score.

sun +5

carrots  +10

With the increase of score the difficulty increases:

-Snowballs ball faster 

-Game speed increases

Future Plans,  

Still working on some of the collision animations, at the moment if there is collision with snowballs or tokens they just disappear with no animation.

Would like to add power ups in game to give the snowman:

-temporary shields

-temporary speed boost

-also thinking of a points combo system 


Been Making this game really just for fun hope you enjoy it as much as I have 


Dr.SchoolBus Games 

Install instructions

Download and play. 


Dirty Snowman SX - 12 MB